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Elevating EPDM rubber gaskets with a vision for superior quality, reliability, and innovation in every product.

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Automatic Door Threshold Seals

Seals designed to fill the gap between the bottom of a door and the floor underneath, are referred to as door bottom seals.

Common forms comprise sweep seals that have an aluminium holder with a flexible strip of rubber or brush strip mounted to the door bottom. They are designed to sweep across the floor or engage a raised threshold plate so they clear the floor as the door opens.

Automatic door bottom seals are mechanically spring loaded seals that lift clear of the floor as the door opens and seal tight when the door is closed. Automatic door bottom seals can be face mounted and some models can be fully concealed. They operate over uneven floor surfaces and like sweep seals can be used with Automatic threshold plates that offer added protection against rain infiltration where doorways may be exposed to more severe weather conditions.

Most Automatic door bottom seals are easily adjusted after installation without removing the door. This ensures an optimum seal is achieved and maximum performance is maintained in the event of minor building movement.

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